Well hello and welcome!

I’m really happy you’ve  signed up for the three free tips to increase Joy & Ease to your life! You will receive some delicious tips the coming days.

I’m sure you are:

  • wonderful
  • talented
  • successful in what you do…

…. and still… there is this urge, this feeling inside of you that you are not completely who you feel you are. Whether it is in business or in your life. You want to do more, you want to give your all, explore more, stop from hiding. You want to step into your truth. I have good news for you.

What will the three tips bring you:

  • increase joy and ease to your life
  • relaxation in your every day life
  • your energy will rise  

So, let’s get started! Tomorrow you will receive the first tip. You will get one every other day, so it is like a mini course if you like. For free! Because you are worthy to live your life with joy and I’m happy to help you with that!

You probably like to start right away, don’t you? So here is something that warms you up into living your life with Joy & Ease! You can either choose number 1. or 2. to get started. Or do both if you really feel like getting into it. I know I would combine the two :)!

  1. Treat yourself on a delicious shower or bath foam today and enjoy yourself with some relaxing ‘Me-time’.  What is your favourite bath foam? The one that makes you smile and warms your heart.  It can be either a natural oil, flower pedals, or a creamy bubbly soap, it is totally up to you. As long as it is your absolute favorite! Then take at least 30 minutes for yourself today to take a bath or shower and spoil yourself! Make sure you take enough time to fully enjoy it. You can add your fun with candles, music, whatever makes you smile!  This is your moment and you’re starting to increase joy and ease already!

  2. When you are that kind of person who really doesn’t get all relaxed and happy with the above, don’t worry. We will get you something good as well!

You will get yourself a favourite piece of food. Something you really enjoy and haven’t had for a while. It can be something like a juicy mango, strawberries, your favourite coffee at that funky cafe. Or maybe you go for grilled vegetables, a crispy salad, a perfectly ripe avocado . Whatever makes you smile and happy! And remember it is about the taste, the quality and the time you give yourself to enjoy this piece of food!

Once you have found that favourite delicious mango, dark chocolate or coffee, you take that with you to a peaceful and quiet place. That can be in your house, or it can be outside. Install yourself with some cushions, music, candles, anything that gives you joy.

Now take a bite of your favourite food and start chewing on it slowly. Take your time to taste it, to chew it. Let it move through your mouth and experience it like you never had it before.  Let every bite be a delicious and slow treat to yourself!

You may find it a bit silly or even crazy to treat yourself like this, but believe me, it will bring you great joy once you get the hang of it! Let me know how it was for you and we’ll meet again tomorrow!

Love and focus,

Rijke Shakti van der Knokke