Love your Self first to celebrate life!

Love your self first to celebrate business and life! To like yourself – truly be happy with yourself and knowing your worth, can be quite a challenge for many of us. For it is never good enough what yo do and who you are. Let me share a little about me and what happened when I kept adjusting to what I thought I had to be or do.

Adjusting is a quality – when used wisely

Like me, you are probably a master in adjusting to the circumstances, sensing what other people need, even before they  know what they want. You probably dim your enthusiasm when you feel you are *too much*.  You manage to lower your energy which is by nature quite high and vibrant, to let others shine. People tell you that you ask too much attention, are too loud, too present, or too quiet and withdrawn, too different.

Well, hear is news for you: you don’t have to be liked by everybody. You are a wonderful person with wonderful gifts. You are ready to be there for others, but how do you do that without loosing your self. Fact is to be there for others, you have to love your self first. It’s like putting the oxygen mask on yourself first before you can help anybody else.

As you may have guessed, I am also a star in adjusting and dimming my light. Ever since I was a child I had learned to adjust. When you adjust over a long period of time you withdraw from your true nature – of who you really are. ‘Cause that is what happens when you keep dimming your light. You suppress – you get sick, burn out, depressed.

Life took me by the hand

That is exactly what happened to me. I kept pushing myself and finally life took me by the hand. My nervous system crashed. My body was in shock and shouted for my attention.

Everything changed after that. For a while my life was divided in before and after the *collapse*. My whole system was over worked – I had to rearrange my entire being. I saw it as an opportunity to become more and more my Self. It took me quite some time to unleash the parts that had tangled me up. In this period I even developed agorafobia and my body literally demanded me to slow down. Really slow down. I could do nothing else but listen to my body and soul.

A Zest for Life!

I knew right away I wanted to be free again – this time genuinely free. I had always been a brave and courageous woman. Though I knew by then a lot of that daring was forced and by means to survive. I realized my true nature is a woman with a lot of gifts and a zest for life!

Showing all of me….

Luckily I found ways to overcome my fear and reunite with my body again. I met wonderful people who invited to show all of me. Including the parts I had hidden for so long – my pain and shame.  I healed many wounds from the past. No one to blame, cause I believe it was not intentional to hurt me. And yet, I *was* hurt. I had tried for so long to fit in and make myself smaller, so I would not be a burden to anyone. That had to change.

Love your self first

And guess what, when I started showing all of me, it was like I stepped into a new dimension. New doors opened, others were closed. I learned to love and listen to myself and my needs, my joys, my pleasures. Celebrating and enjoying life. And sometimes life just isn’t  a party. What a pleasure to rely even then on your inner strength. Knowing who you are, where you want to be, how you want to feel.  Your shadow sides are a part of you, just as much as your radiance. You are at the wheel of your life.  Be clear on where you are going. Be open to surprises on the way. Reach out if you need to. Whether it is for a deep relaxing massage, a good mirroring conversation with a fellow traveler, or having a night out with friends. Love yourself first before helping others. You can learn – just like I have- to  see your shadow sides, to see your qualities. Not running away from either of them. Being all of you!

Let us celebrate life and step into the light!

Sometimes you have to loose your securities and feel like you have lost everything, to regain your identity. I have for sure. And I am here to share my gifts and experiences with you. You are a wonderful being and you may live your life enjoying and celebrating your wonderful qualities. Let us celebrate life and step into the light.

Sending you focus and love,

If you want to improve your true nature and life with joy and ease, reach out – I love to hear from you!

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