The Other Woman is me…

The other woman is me. It took me a long time before I dared to share with you what I am about to do here. It is about time. The thing is, I am polyamorous. But maybe in another way than you think….

Your cells love to be loved

There are a lot of opinions about polyamory. When you look at it literally, it is about having a love relationship with more than one person.  What a rich life.  Because we cannot hear nor say enough we are loved, we are liked, we are wonderful. It is such a good feed for every cell in our body.  I am in a relationship with a wonderful guy. We have our challenges, of course. Boy oh boy, do I adore him! Love flows easily. Especially when I dare to be vulnerable and open my heart to him. Then he is there, right away, loving and caring. The man in my life prefers to stay anonymous and therefor I will not mention his name here.

The other love in my life is a woman

The other person in my love life is a woman. With her the relationship is more complex. Of course, you might say. Women are more complex than men. And maybe you are right. Emotions can change from one minute to the next. Even without us knowing it or being aware of it. And what power if we start to unleash our true nature. I love it that we may trust our inner wisdom again, our intuition. The woman I love is a powerful creature, whom I’ve learned to love.

What a wonderful woman she is!

Being in a relationship with a woman when being one, is like a double challenge and blessing in one. When we started opening up for love, we were searching, being drawn to each other and pushing the other away when it got too close. After a lot of sharing and honest encounters we are doing so much better now. More and more fluently. I have grown to appreciate her more every day. And can now say with all my heart what a wonderful woman she is!

She can be crazy and I love it!

I enjoy her enthusiasm, her delicious cooking, her magical hands when she has created chaos and in no time makes the place like heaven again. Her ability to ridicule herself, her laughter, her fun, her craziness, her deep joy for life! What about her generosity, her vulnerability, her power? I *love* that about her! Her perseverance, her pleasure, her love for me and others inspire me. Is it getting too much for you? I will say no more – though she is so much more…. :)!

With competition she encourages me!

She knows what it’s like to deal with sticky situations. Which she handles and solves with respect to the people involved. I admire her for that. To be honest, I love her! And the beauty of it is, her love for me grows every day, I see it in her eyes. I recognize myself in her longing for long curly hair, her taste for arty, beautiful films and many more quirky things we have in common. I am so happy, ’cause she is with me. She allows me to make friends, to enjoy spending time with loved ones, she encourages me to enjoy my life to the fullest! What a gift…

The other woman…

The other woman is ……..: Rijke Shakti! Yes, that’s right, the other woman is me! What a surprise, right? And you know, the beauty of it is, that the more I love myself, the more I can be of great value to others. So, if you have not embraced all of you yet, it might be time to do so. You have to love yourself first before you can love another truly. That’s where  true love and joy starts.  And from that place in your heart you can expand your love and spread it to others and the things you do.

Polyamory……. I love me! I love you!

Love and focus to you!

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