Value your wisdom and value!

Value your wisdom and with that your value! A lot of us find it hard to name our value and numbers. But you know, money is an exchange. You can even see it as an exchange of energy. You give your wisdom and value and you receive a reward for that. How about you and your reward. Are you asking the right price? Or are you like I was and you say Yeah, sure my fees are perfect. Even when I knew they were too low. Are you really asking what you should? After a little test you might change your fees for ever!


Recognize this?

I just met a wonderful woman, great at her business. She came to me because she wanted to go to the next level with her business and she just didn’t take the steps to get there. She wanted to improve certain skills in her field and she had just found the right course. Great! I answered. When do you start? Uhmmmm, she hesitated, I haven’t signed up yet. Well, that is interesting…. Why not? “Because I cannot afford it right now.” She named the price and yes it was a serious amount. Is the course worth this amount? “Oh yes, she replied! It is of great value and just what I need right now!”


Value your wisdom

What this gorgeous woman needed was to take her business more serious than she already did. Value her wisdom and abilities in the way she helps so many clients to their greater luck. The thing was her own pricing didn’t fit her anymore. So she felt she couldn’t afford the course. And she absolutely should. We talked it over, and end of the week she had raised her fees, got two more clients and signed up for the course! When you value your wisdom and give yourself a raise you say yes to yourself and your clients


Don’t downsize yourself any longer!

We (and yes, I am familiar with this behavior as well!), tend to downsize ourselves in many ways. And I wish you to keep valuing your own beautiful self and with that you value your clients and your business even more! Step up to your wisdom and your value!


Let’s get started…

So now we get to the juicy part of checking up really fast and easy if you are at the right side of your rewards. Find yourself a comfortable chair, breathe in and out slowly a couple of times, relax and close your eyes. (read the check up first and then go do it, or have someone read it to you).


Easy check up

Close your eyes and breathe a couple of times slowly and relaxed. Feel the weight of your body on your chair and make contact with your feet on the ground. Now let the rate of your latest client go through your mind, and from there you bring the amount to your heart and belly. Take time to let it land in your body. Breathe into your whole body. Let that amount roll around every cell of your body. Breathe with it. How does it feel in your body? When your body stays calm and quiet, when it feels like some kind of love is flowing through your body, then you probably are doing okay in this department. You may hurray yourself and give this reading to a woman you know who is in need of this check up.


When you are not so at ease during the check up

So what if your body is not at ease during the check up, your mind keeps popping in and you feel kind of tense. Then you are probably not so okay in your pricing. It might be too high, but if you are like me, that is very unlikely. It is probably more a matter of under pricing. You ask a sort of okay prices, and yet….. There is something holding you back to raise to the price it really should be. But what is that price? It’s up to you, that is the magic of it. There is no fixed price of what it can and cannot be. So time for you to bring yourself a raise.


Take action now…!

Look at your rates today and see where you are doing yourself and your clients short. Repeat the check up with a higher amount and feel how your body responses. Raise your rates and celebrate your wonderful value! You are worth it and so are your clients!

Is it as easy as this? Yes, sometimes life is just that easy. Wonderful, right?

Wishing you a great day and sending you focus and love!

Do you want to increase your value and would you like some help doing so, reach out – I’d love to hear from you!

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